About Mighty Boerboele

Buying a dog is about acquiring a companion; an animal that will fit your lifestyle and return your love by being a family guardian. Ultimately, because a dog is going to be a member of the family, your decision to buy an animal should be guided by knowing what animal will ‘fit’ the family. Selecting an animal means studying a dog’s breeding line, its characteristics and its strengths and weaknesses.

Alternatively, you could leave these tasks to Mighty Boerboele, a reputable breeder with 19 years of experience in breeding Boerboels. Mighty Boerboele are people who know that the key to having a happy dog is making sure it is showered with love – from the moment it is born to the time that it enters your home, settles down and spends years with you and your children.

Breeder René Botha bought her first Boerboel female, Hansom Tessa, at the end of 1998 and opened her breeding kennel in 1999. Since then, she has built a national and international reputation for the quality of her dogs. The results of her devotion to the breed can be seen in the photographs on this site.

In 2018, Might Boerboele welcomed Jan-Hendrik and Natasha Hattingh to the Mighty Boerboele-family. Their passion for the breed has added value to the stud, and our dogs are better than ever.

Being a registered breeder offers buyers peace of mind

As a registered breeder (SABBS Nr. 0672136), Mighty Boerboele breed Boerboels and nothing other than Boerboels. This 100% devotion to the breed ensures that breeding lines are pure, traceable and that the puppies inherit the looks and behavioural traits that make Boerboels so special.

Excellent bloodlines and Mighty Boerboele’s belief that all puppies should be appropriately socialised means that when dogs enter your homes, they are at their best. They are not overly aggressive and are ready to be affectionate companions and powerful guards. The dogs will also respond well to training making them even more useful as watchdogs.

The Mighty Boerboele guarantee

Breeding dogs is not, and will never be an exact science. Although complaints about our dogs are infrequent, we believe that buyers are entitled to peace of mind when purchasing one of our dogs.

Mighty Boerboele, therefore, offers buyers a 40% refund on the original purchase price if a puppy develops hip dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED) or vaginal hyperplasia (VH), or ectropic worse than grade 2, or if a puppy doesn’t achieve a minimum appraisal score of 75% at the age of 18 months.

Terms and conditions of 40% refund guarantee are that:

  1. Shipping costs of a dog are excluded from the offer.
  2. The guarantee is valid until the dog attains the age of 18 months.
  3. There is no guarantee on dogs that have been sold as a “Pet Quality Dog”.
  4. Dogs that are used for breeding purposes before or after the age of 18 months if the correct health tests were not conducted, or if the breeding result was not what was expected by the owner.
  5. If a puppy is replaced by Mighty Boerboele, the owner is liable for 60% of the cost of a new animal. All other costs are for the buyer’s account, and Mighty Boerboele will not contribute to additional charges for transport or other expenditure.
Mighty Bismark | Mighty Boerboele | 100% Original Boerboel breeder since 2000
Mighty Bismark
Mighty Bonzo | Mighty Boerboele | 100% Original Boerboel breeder since 2000
Mighty Bonzo
Mighty Buddy | Mighty Boerboele | 100% Original Boerboel breeder since 2000
Mighty Buddy
Kleinsandfontein Otto | Mighty Boerboele | 100% Original Boerboel breeder since 2000
Kleinsandfontein Otto